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If a movie’s “peers” are described as movies released by the same studio in the same genre in the same year, this RowRange example annotates each movie with the average rating of a movie’s two prior and two following peers:

If the database supports it, you can specify the start and end points based on values of an expression in the partition. If the released field of the Movie model stores the release month of each movies, this ValueRange example annotates each movie with the average rating of a movie’s peers released between twelve months before and twelve months after the each movie.

Below you’ll find technical implementation details that may be useful to library authors. The technical API and examples below will help with creating generic query expressions that can extend the built-in functionality that Django provides.

Query expressions implement the query expression API , but also expose a number of extra methods and attributes listed below. All query expressions must inherit from Expression() or a relevant subclass.

When a query expression wraps another expression, it is responsible for calling the appropriate methods on the wrapped expression.

Tells Django that this expression contains an aggregate and that a GROUP BY clause needs to be added to the query.

New in Django 2.0.

Tells Django that this expression contains a QX5745 Spring/summer 2018 girls dandelion flowers dress Childrens printing dress wholesale Outlet Recommend Reliable For Sale Buy Cheap Countdown Package Buy Cheap In China Outlet Deals hhPG6zS0
expression. It’s used, for example, to disallow window function expressions in queries that modify data. Defaults to True .

New in Django 2.0.

Tells Django that this expression can be referenced in op4234 Layered High Neck Lace Dress Cheap Shop For rPIYkP
. Defaults to True .

New in Django 2.0.

Tells Django that this expression can be used as the source expression in Window . Defaults to False .

Provides the chance to do any pre-processing or validation of the expression before it’s added to the query. resolve_expression() must also be called on any nested expressions. A copy() of self should be returned with any necessary transformations.

query is the backend query implementation.

allow_joins is a boolean that allows or denies the use of joins in the query.

reuse is a set of reusable joins for multi-join scenarios.

There are two types of object duplication, being Duplicate and Linked Duplicates which instance their Object Data.

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This will create a visually-identical copy of the selected object(s). The copy is created at the same position as the original object and you are automatically placed in Grab mode. See the examples below.

This copy is a new object, which shares some data-blocks with the original object (by default, all the Materials, Textures, and F-Curves), but which has copied others, like the mesh, for example. This is why this form of duplication is sometimes called “shallow link”, because not all data-blocks are shared; some of them are “hard copied”!


You can choose which types of data-block will be linked or copied when duplicating: in the User Preferences .

The Cube object was duplicated.

The object Cube was duplicated, using Shift-D . Both these cubes has separate meshes with unique names: Cube and Cube.001 .

See above if you want separate copies of the data-blocks normally linked.


You also have the choice of creating a Linked Duplicate rather than a Duplicate ; this is called a deep link. This will create a new object with all of its data linked to the original object. If you modify one of the linked objects in Edit Mode , all linked copies are modified. Transform properties (object data-blocks) still remain copies, not links, so you still can rotate, scale, and move freely without affecting the other copies. Reference Expl. Duplicate Example for the discussions below.


If you want to make changes to an object in the new linked duplicate independently of the original object, you will have to manually make the object a “single-user” copy by the number in the panel of the Properties editor. (See Data-Block Menu ).

See also

Make Single User for unlinking data-blocks.

The Cube object was linked duplicated.

The object Cube was linked duplicated, using Alt-D . Though both these cubes are separate objects with unique names: Cube and Cube.001 , the single mesh named Cube , is shared by both.

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